Nature park Medvednica


Medvednica – Nature Park is in close proximity to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Due to its numerous landscapes trails, mountain houses, historical monuments and recreational areas, the central part of this wooded mountain gives an impression of a spaicious city park. By walking down the educational trails, you can learn about some of almost one thousand recorded plant varieties, listen to the song of around a hundred bird types, and come across numerous insects and animals. The walk through the forest restores natural balance to life, and each moment spent in the Medvednica Nature Park enriches your existence. Welcome!




On arrival of the first cold winter days and snow flakes, the top of Medvednica – Sljeme – transforms into an attractive winter sports centre. Excelellent ski runs, ski lifts and cableways, stron lighting and snow making machines, have enabled the home ground of Janica and Ivica Kostelić, to be listed among the FIS skiing fields and Zagreb to become the only capital to host a World Championship Skiing race.



BLIZNEC – the main entrance to the Medvednica Nature Park. The lower terminal of the Sljeme cableway, and start of the one-way road to the summit of Sljeme. There is an exceptionally educational trail from the parking to the Forestry museum “Sawmill Bliznec” modified for handicaped people. The Nature Park office building and the little chapel are located nearby.


SLJEME – at 1035 m, Medvednica’s highest peak. The Sljeme road and mountaineering trails lead to the top. The summit is dominated by the TV tower, and a belvedere that overlooks Croatian Zagorje. On a walk around wide meadows, you can visit the Sljeme’s chapel, children’s educational trail, ski runs, Hotel Tomislavov Dom and Pansion Medvednica.

MEDVEDGRAD – medival fortress from the 13th century, deserted following an earthquake in 1590. Its reconstruction began in 1974. Of special interest are the gothic chapel, South tower and the Nation’s altar. Impressive lookout over the city of Zagreb.


Rudarski vrt

MINNER’S GARDEN – reconstruction of the silver-grey galenite mine, belonging to the Zrinski counts from the 17th century. In close proximity are mountain house of Grafičar on an idyllic clearing, St.Jakob’s chapel and a belvedere overlooking Medvedgrad and Zagreb.


HUNJKA – spacious meadow with a superb view of Croatian Zagorje. From Hotel Janica and Rouch’s forestry, you can visit Horvat’s 500 steps, or take the road to mountain house Pačkovski.

QUEEN’S WELL – a popular excursion destination,  reached via an educational trail Miroslavac, which passes along the canyon of a forest stream. At the legendary Black Queen spring from the 15th century, there is a fish pond, forestry with a forest classroom and a restaurant.

VETERNICA – cave system that stretches below south-western Medvednica. 7100 metres of the canals have been explored, while the first 380 m are lit and open for guided tours. Attractions are cave decorations, bat colonies and traces of early men’s residence, dating to some 42.000 years ago.

Gorsko zrcalo

PONIKVE – region of swamy meadows, surrounded by wooded hills that contains a large number of rare and progected plant. An excellent starting poing for excursions to the cain of high cliffs, called Stone Wedding lookout, or to Sopot, at 9 metres in height, Medvednica’s largest cascade.


MOUNTAIN’S MIRROR – a smooth, vertical cliff, training field for Alpinists and climbers is an attractive end point to a walk along a splendorous, open valley, from the village of Trnava to the Tisova Peč wooded gorge.


LIPA-GOR – the region of eastern Medvednica, with particularly beautiful lookouts over Posavina and Zagorje. Near the Lipa Mountain house, a belvedere and the chapel dedicated to Croatia’s martyrs have been erected.



Hotel Tomislavov dom
is modern hotel, surrounded by foreste nerby to the summit of Medvednica. Ideal location for an active vacation, relaxation in the wellness programmes or organisation of business meetings.

Pansion Medvednica
newly refurbished board and lodging, with two restaurants and two seminar rooms. Ideal for the “School in nature” programmes for up to a hundred students, various seminars and banquets.

Hotel Janica
comfortable, intimate hotel, on a beautiful Hunjka meadow offers accommodation forsome sixty quests, with many entertainment and recreational activities.

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