Holy Mary’s column with angels and fountain

Anton Dominik Fernkorn, 1865., fountain by Herman Bollé 1880-1882. Placed in front of the cathedral – characteristic urbanistic feature of Kaptol.

Josip Juraj Strossmayer

Ivan Meštrović, 1926., Strossmayer Square. Monument designed as strong plastic sign with prominent outlines.

Ban Josip Jelačić

Antun Dominik Fernkorn, 1866., Ban Josip Jelačić Square (moved because of ideological reason in 1947, but was returned to the same place in 1990). First monumental public sculpture in Zagreb.

Allegories of painting and sculpture

Rudolf Valdec, 1901., the entrance stairs to Art Pavillion, Tomislav Square.

Petar Preradović

Ivan Rendić, 1985. at the Strossmayer Square, since 1954 on Preradović Square. Realistic approach to naturalistic elements (especially in details processing).

King Tomislav

Robert Frangeš-Mihanović, 1927-1934., the footage made before the World War II, erected in 1947. Two side reliefs are put much later.

St. George kills the Dragon

Anton Dominik Fernkorn, 1853, first exhibited in Maksimir in 1867. From 1884 to 1908 at Strossmayer Square, since 1908 at its present place – Marshall Tito Square. The monument inspired by late baroque.

Antun Gustav Matoš

Ivan Kožarić, 1978., Strossmayer promenade. First monument stepping out of traditional trends.

The well of life

Ivan Meštrović, 1905., exhibited in 1912 (architect Ignjat Fischer), in front of Croatian National Theater. First monument of the new aesthetic.

August Šenoa

Marija Ujević, 1987., Vlaška street. Classical experience and modern associations.

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