About Vagabund

Vagabund was opened in 1983 and spangles a tradition of almost 30 years. It was opend by Željko Kovačević who is in gastronomy bussiness for 40 years and he is the owner of the place. In Vagabund you can spend pleasent and warm moments, with available prices and kind personnel. Our offering is really big and we try to approach You with traditional way of food making, for what is responsible Mrs. Vesna. We started as pizzeria with recipes of one of the best chefs in Croatia Mr. Danilo Arko and till today we hold that tradition of delightful pizza which has a special taste. In 2007 we were proclaimed the best pizzeria in Zagreb. We are visited by manny distingushed musicians, academicians, lawyers, doctors, bohemians and manny other. In Vagabund people come to relax and enjoy in conversation and sound of rock music.

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